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How to choose the right place for themselves on the plane? Our recommendations - for you!

Classes of service "at a height"

Fly from point A to point B can be desired, as the economy class, as well as the first. Your comfort level depends on the class of ticket.

To understand ...

Economy class. Option air "reserved seat". These tickets - the least expensive, but, alas, count on super conditions and any refinements is not necessary. In any economy plane area located in the aft part of the vessel and medium. Often (mainly loukosterov y) in the plane than the economy cabin, and the other does not. Sitting in the economy class is not too convenient - here quite closely (1 row - 6-10-minute seats). On the power can be calculated with more than 1.5-hour flight. As for luggage, more than 23 kg can not take with them ( "limit" carry-on luggage - up to 10 kg).
Business Class. It takes 2nd place on the demand for tickets. Pluses are much more: less closely (4 seats in a row), folding up to 160 degrees-minute chair (sometimes even convertible into beds), complimentary beverages (+ snack and a rich menu) in flight. "Limit" baggage - higher than in the previous class. This is not the cheapest, but also not the most expensive. However, the cost of the ticket depends not only on the class.
First grade. Option for those who prefer the ultimate in comfort in the sky. For example, instead of the seats - its "coupe" with a bed, lights and a sliding door. Or even a personal air-cabin with shower and dressing room. The seats in this class - only expensive materials and a complete set with massage. Restaurant menu, more than broad. Also, you can pass the time playing video games, watch a movie or even "to go to the bar."
Identified with the class?

It's time - choose the place!

And we'll show you where to find the best.

At the window. It is convenient to read with good lighting and a nap. It's nice to see in the "window". Yes, and ride through no one will you, because after you - only window. Among the shortcomings: it is you have to disturb your neighbors, if you want to use the toilet.
By the passage. A very uncomfortable place. You will constantly touch passing by passengers, flight attendants with their carts and your neighbors who want to use the toilet just when you decide to doze off. The only plus - you can pull tired legs straight into the passage and exit after landing you will have time before the neighbors.
"Poseredinke". You can call this place a neutral. Get up here a little bit easier than from a place near the "window", and trolley with passengers at the same time you do not touch.
Near the emergency exit. Regarding personal space here will be a little more comfortable due to the large distance to the next row (you can even stretch my legs). Disturb neighbors also do not have to. Usually these places sit those passengers that in case of emergency will be able to open the emergency / hatch and flight attendants to help bring people out of the aircraft. For the elderly, mothers with children and passengers with little animals, these places are not suitable. Oh, and one more negative: obstruct their passage to the hand luggage hatches prohibited. So overall bag will travel in the baggage compartment.
Before the escape hatch. One of the most uncomfortable seats. Lean back in the chair will not work - either it is fixed tightly, or the angle of deflection is well, very small (approx -. Avoid blocking approaches to the hatches).
Early Access (near the "nose"). That provision of food begins with you. That is, the menu is more extensive and interesting. Also, you are one of the first to descend the ladder. Alas, there are also disadvantages: in this part of the interior Mom fly more often with the kids, because here there are mounts for cradles. Rest near the crumbs, which can not tolerate the flight is very difficult.
In the tail. The most significant advantage (and almost only) - a relative security. Of all the survivors of a plane crash passengers 67% of the survivors were in this part of the aircraft. Also worth noting is that the "underutilization" flight you will be able to sleep comfortably at once in 3 places will be empty if the neighbors. One of the drawbacks: limited menu choice. While you will reach to the truck cabin crew, will choose is almost out of nothing.
It should be borne in mind that all planes are different, and lay them may vary.


How all the same to take the best place?

Several important recommendations that will allow you to save the nerve cells in flight:

Choosing a card, look at the website of all the details: what is the model of the aircraft, if there is a TV, where there are toilets and a distance between the rows.
If you take a ticket at the airport, and not all the best and cheapest tickets snapped up online, for example, AIR-traveling.ru site, ask to show you the interior scheme. Usually, all the free space there is marked in different colors.
Do not forget the staff aware of their preferences, if you want some specific location (for example, near the "window").
If you have time, do not use the busiest flights. This will significantly improve the comfort of the flight for yourself.
If you still got the most inconvenient place, after the words «Boarding is over» you can safely take up any free space on the conductors (you have it about 5 minutes).

Designation of places in the cabin

Another important point, the ignorance of which can spoil your mood during the flight. The letters used in the seats available, there are Latin and Russian. Moreover, Latin 1B - is not the same place as the Russian 1B. "Latin" is a place near the pass, but the "Russian" - the middle.

As for the seats with the letter "1A" - it will always be near the window, and "1C" - aisle.