1. Use the possibility metapoiskovika 100%. For example, there is a convenient service Aviasales "Calendar of low prices", "Map of the low prices" and the subscription price change. In addition, check the tickets on multiple sites aggregator - because of the different contracts ticket prices may otlichatsya.Baza data at all sites are different, so any site can be tickets that other systems simply do not see.

 2. Please note the date of a future trip. The earlier plan the journey, the ticket would be affordable 10-15%). Especially when it comes to "high-dates" in tourism (New Year, May holidays, and so on. D.). Experts advise to book a flight already 2-3 months.

 3. Change the date of departure at the time of the search. Best Buys tickets accounted for midweek departures. On weekends and holidays, prices are higher. Therefore, if the departure date is not fundamental, change it. Sometimes the displacement of one flight a day forward or back considerably reduces the entire trip.

 4. Select the day and time of purchase. The price affects the day and time of day when the book is done. For example, it is cheaper to buy in the middle of the week (Tuesday, Wednesday), in the early morning or late evening. And more: International air fare is recalculated on the night from Tuesday to Wednesday. This is important in conditions of unstable currency exchange rates.

 5. Watch out for promotions and special offers. When the carrier wants to protect themselves and fill the board, he puts on the sale of tickets N at an attractive price. However, keep in mind, such tariffs have limitations (the ticket can not be returned, the allowable baggage weight of 10 kg and so on. D.). To be aware of all the shares, subscribe to the correct airline.

 6. Monitor the price of low cost (low-cost airlines). Here, of course, have to sacrifice comfort (airport, departure time, the number of seats in the aircraft, etc.), but it is well to save. For many metapoiskoviki become connected companies loukostery.

 7. Buy your tickets round trip. Such flights are cheaper as a result of the airline provides loading of the aircraft. You can use the option with connections / transfers, if the total distance is not too different. Flying with the transfer will in this case cheaper.

8. Do not waste your time and act! If you caught a ticket at a good price, remember the cardinal rule - should be taken. Because time and the number of such proposals are always limited!

9. Pay attention to the final price of the ticket. At the time of payment may appear dopolnitlnye payments that are not displayed on the stage of the search.

 10. If to you or your clients have the question is when to book tickets for the New Year, start looking for right now, even be able to buy cheap tickets for the peak season - from 31 December to 10 January. To do this in advance, decide where to go. It  always easy to make the 4 months prior to the holidays