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The Kingdom of Spain - Reino de España for Catalan is a sovereign state in the southwest of Europe and parts of Africa. Spain occupies the majority of the Iberian Peninsula, the territory is divided into 17 autonomous communities and two autonomous cities of Barcelona and the capital - Madrid. Spain is 80% of the Iberian Peninsula and the Canary and Balearic Islands, has a total area of 504,782 square kilometers with a small sovereign territories on the African coast, Ceuta and Melilla, being the fourth largest country in Europe after Russia, Ukraine and France. Spain is one of the most mountainous countries in Europe.

Embassy of Spain in Moscow Street. B. Nikita, 50/8; tel .: (495) 690-29-93, 690-30-02; http://www.exteriores.gob.es

The Russian Embassy in Madrid: C / Velazquez, 155; Phone / Fax: (91) 562-22-64, 411-08-07; http://spain.mid.ru

Consular Section in Madrid: c / Joaquin Costa, 33; Phone / Fax: (91) 411-29-57;