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In 1778, Captain James Cook became the first known European to go to Hawaii. He named the islands the South Sandwich Islands, after the Earl of Sandwich. Polynesian kings and queens ruled the islands for about 100 years, which makes Hawaii is the only state which was either an independent monarchy. In this regard, it is also the only state of the royal palace. Hawaii gets its name from the island of Hawaii, one of the eight main islands. However, no one is sure of the origin of the name of the island. Some people believe that the island was named in honor of Hawaii Loa, who discovered the Polynesian island. Other people think that the name came from Hawaiki, the old name of the island, home to the Polynesians. Hawaii is the nickname of "Aloha State." Aloha means love. This abbreviation Hawaii HI. Hawaii is the only state with an official second language, Hawaiian. In Hawaii, fresh, floral air energizes you, warm tranquil waters refresh you, and breathtaking natural beauty will update your emotions. Look around, there is no place on earth like Hawaii. Whether you're a new visitor to these islands, or return is not the first time, the Hawaiian Islands are unique and offer a variety of adventures that will entice any traveler. We invite you to explore the islands and across the air-traveling.com discover your ideal travel experience.